Chef Lauren

Personal Chef Lavender Inspired Culinary Experience

Book a personalized gourmet lavender inspired dinner when staying at the suite. Chef Lauren will come to the suite and prepare a four course gourmet lavender inspired meal for 1-4 peopleHer carefully crafted menu highlights lavender and it's incredible culinary uses by combining local, fresh ingredients with the delicate flavor of lavender.  She will entertain you with a 2-3 hour culinary experience in the privacy of your luxury suite.

The suite has an incredible view of 4,000 lavender plants and is surrounded by stunning rustic luxury including imported granite and 150 year old reclaimed wood. The luxury kitchen is designed perfectly for this experience as guests will have direct interaction with Chef Lauren while she prepares the unique personalized gourmet meal. The culinary experience will allow guests to revel the lavish setting and unique meal that can only be experienced at Lavender Waves Farm in the Farm Suite. Ingredients will be sourced locally whenever possible and the lavender will be harvested from the plants right on the farm. This personal and private experience is not something that can be purchased at a restaurant.

Cost:  $125 per person

Includes 5 course meal & 1 cocktail per person. One item selection per course for the entire party.

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