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Private Tours

We are hosting private tours of the farm!

Enjoy a short history about the farm and then talk about each of the animals while we visit them, this would include touring the poultry enclosure, llama/alpaca pasture and outside the camel pasture. 

There will also be a lavender talk, we will discuss the lavender in general, the different varieties we have, and the harvesting process. 


The minimum number of people will be 20 and it will be $20 per person and that will include a bundle of dried lavender to take home.  Kids under age 2 are free. 


You will be able to cut lavender, if there is any available on the field. The experience will likely last about 1-2 hours depending on the group interaction. You may also purchase some items from our shop. Picnic tables are available for use at the conclusion of the tour.

To book a private event, please email:

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