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Farm Memberships

Become a farm member and gain exclusive access to our garden and animals.  By purchasing large amounts of lavender from us, you get an educational tour as well as exclusive/private access to our gardens, grounds and animals.

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing a Lavender Waves Farm Membership, Please contact us at


Membership 1:


  • 1 Hr private access to the farm (10 person max)

  • 20 Bundles of Dried Lavender

  • 20 minute educational farm tour

Membership 2:

SuperBlue - $1,200+$50pp

  • 40 Bundles of Dried Lavender

  • 2 Hour Private Access to the Farm (75 person max)

  • 20 minute educational farm tour


Membership 3:

Abriali - $1,800+$50pp

  • 3 hour Private Access to the farm (75 person max)

  • 60 Bundles of Dried Lavender

  • 30 minute educational farm tour

Membership 4:

Phenomenal - $2,400+$50pp

  • 4 hour private access to the farm (75 person max)

  • 80 bundles of dried lavender

  • 45 minute educational farm tour


Property Usage Guidelines and Additional Information 

  • Private access and private tour time slots are scheduled during the time frame that you reserve the farm and may not be used at a later date.   

  • We will have a LWF staff member on site for your scheduled time slot, who will be there to greet you and your guests at the entrance gate from the designated parking area. They will be present during your time slot to make sure that everything runs safely and smoothly. 

  • Private Access Time Slots are scheduled between 10AM-8PM (Sunday-Friday) and 3PM-8PM (Saturdays during Peak Bloom, June-Aug). Everyone in your party can enter from the front gate during the scheduled time slot. You may not make up time afterwards because you were running late or be admitted in early.  Please be prompt.

  • We can reschedule your Private Access time slot with a four-week notice. Once you are within four weeks of the scheduled date, we will not reschedule. 

  • The time-based fee is required in full for a time slot to be booked.  This can be canceled without penalty up to 4 months prior to your date.  After the 4 month mark, the deposit is non-refundable for any reason.   The remainder of the fee based on the number of people in attendance needs to be paid 4 weeks prior to your booking.  A final head-count will be needed 1 week prior to your date and final payment will be necessary at that time.  Check is preferred.  Credit card may be used for an extra 3% fee.

  • The Property is an outdoor venue, with a covered gazebo in the event of rain. We do not offer refunds or rescheduling for inclement weather. In the event severe weather poses a danger to life and safety, such as lightning storms, hurricanes, extreme heat, etc., LWF staff will work with the client to postpone the Private Access time slot until later in the day, or reschedule for another time as quickly as possible based on availability. 

  • The greenhouse is a working part of the farm and not available as an option in the event of rain. The greenhouse may be entered (for photos, etc) with prior approval from Farm Staff. 

  • Animal pastures are OFF-LIMITS, for the health and safety of the humans and animals. The barn and private residence are off-limits. Please refer to the provided map for farm access areas. 

  • The Property has one restroom below the Farm Suite for your use. Farm Access Guests will not be permitted to use the restroom on the second floor up in the Farm Suite as that is a separate reservation from any scheduled Farm Access. 

  • Farm Suite/AirBnB guests are allowed access to the farm at any time during their stay, regardless of any reserved Membership time slots. Farm Access Guests are expected to respect the Farm Suite guests and area. 

  • The Property has uneven ground and can pose hazards. There are no artificial flat surfaces on the farm, except in the gazebo which has steps. This is an outdoor, working farm with natural features that can pose challenges for some people. Under Rhode Island law, chapter 2-23.3, an agritourism professional, unless they can be shown to have failed to be in the exercise of due care, is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in agritourism activities resulting from the inherent risks of agritourism activities. 

  • Setup may begin 30 minutes prior to your access time.  Clients are responsible for cleaning up after themselves within a 30 minute grace period after the reserved time slot, including food and accessories. Clients are responsible for the prompt departure of their guests. If they remain on the property past the scheduled time of termination, the Client will be charged an additional fee of $600/hour. This fee will be pro-rated and rounded up in 15-minute increments. 

  • Any damage to the property or failure to meet the standards of cleanliness required will result in the Client being billed for the cost of repairs, remediation, professional cleaning, etc. All refuse from your time on the farm has to be deposited in the garbage in a designated location. 

  • Lavender Waves Farm, LLC does not sell, serve or provide alcohol during your private access to the farm. You may enjoy your own alcoholic beverages during your time on the farm so long as Rhode Island laws are followed and individuals consuming alcoholic beverages are 21 and older. It is the Membership holder’s responsibility to make sure all applicable laws are followed. Lavender Waves Farm does not take any responsibility for alcohol consumption on or off the property. 

  • Throwing and/or tossing of materials such as confetti or rice is prohibited. Please inquire about our dried lavender bud for tossing. NO items of ANY kind are allowed to be “released” from any portion of the property. This includes: fireworks, birds, Chinese lanterns, balloons, etc. 

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